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ARM (Ameelio Remote Ministry)

The ARM Program is a way for our FMM volunteers to connect to inmates from outside of the jails. Volunteers are able to use technology to send a virtual letter that will be securely printed and mailed into the corresponding inmate. Although we have a similar volunteer opportunity through Crossroads, a highlight of the ARM Program is the opportunity to communicate with the same inmate in one of our local county jails. During these constantly changing times, inmates are feeling increased isolation. Ameelio is a way to get through the walls and let them know that they are not alone.

There are three different types of volunteers through Ameelio:

  • Barnabas (encouragers)
  • Bible Study
  • Book Study

Sign up below to start the application process and start writing to our local county inmates!

Current FMM Volunteers, please sign up through your Chaplain.


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